I’m in Love With Vietnam

In this post, my daughter reflects back on her time in this amazing country. If you’ve got a bit of wanderlust in you, I know you will greatly appreciate her photos and thoughts:

I am in love. I am in love with a country, a place, a memory distant in time but fresh in my mind.

I am in love with Saigon, and the busy mopeds that zoom by.

The fear and anxiety every time I cross the street.

The little girl that reaches up and tells me to hold her. READ MORE…

4 Replies to “I’m in Love With Vietnam”

  1. I love your first photo that captured the girl absolutely still with the traffic rushing by. My last view of Vietnam was from the deck of a ship washing Saigon burn as the North Vietnamese marched in and there were helicopters crashing in the water and refugees everywhere. I need to go visit again. Thanks for a great post.


    1. Kongo,

      Interesting that you should mention your last memory. My husband said something similar, “I wonder how people felt about Vietnam when they went there in the sixties. Thanks for pulling in another perspective. I will pass on your comments to my daughter, the one in the photo.


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