A Mermaid in the Making

“My dove is hiding behind some rocks, behind an outcrop of the cliff. Call to me and let me hear your lovely voice and see your handsome face.” Song of Solomon 2:14

I wonder whether there are times, spiritually speaking, when the Bridegroom hides. My mother’s recent comment on my post “Embracing Emptiness,” reminded me of this:

“My sweet girl, no one can fill the emptiness of soul but Jesus Himself, reminds me of Song of Songs, the groom hiding from the beloved. He may seem like He is hiding but be rest assured He has you in his sights. Love you.”

We might have just enjoyed moments filled with epiphanies or heard heaven-breathed words of encouragement through the parted lips of a friend.

Perhaps a dream visited when nightfall cloaked our mind with peace. Yet in the morning, we opened our eyes and panicked, teeth grinding on the day’s anxieties.

I recently encountered one of these uncomfortable seasons of soul. I felt like I was drowning…in my own self-pity, despair, and darkened understanding. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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