The Making of “A Mermaid in the Making”

Here’s a DIY post to demonstrate how I created the mixed media piece, “A Mermaid in the Making.” I began with the backing of a frame I had from a picture frame that wasn’t of any use. The paper is from “The Once Upon a Time Stack” by DCWV. I printed my poem onto the paper.

Next, I used Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the frame backing. I like matte finish.

Take an old credit card and push the paper down to clear the bubbles. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

2 Replies to “The Making of “A Mermaid in the Making””

  1. Just looking at the picture, my first assumption was that you printed the words on a matte piece of plastic and put that over the paper stock. The words look raised above the paper – a little three dimensional. Since you didn’t do this (from what I can tell) I’m assuming you used a font with drop shadow or something?


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