Remember to whisper thank you…

My soul swells with promises of good things come true:

  • A new job I love
  • A daughter returned home
  • A house renovation underway
  • A family filled with helping and togetherness
My precious family rests in the midst of renovations.

Angst turned the corner towards trust, as I watched my father’s delight upon seeing his great-granddaughter.

Frustration ebbed away and peace engulfed the perforated membrane of my serenity, even though chaos accumulated all around me. The long, arduous six-month wait for this house is finally over, and now the work begins.

Today I give thanks for having made it through a season of uncertainty as much as I whisper “thank you” for the gifts God has bestowed.

And as my family and I bleach nicotine-stained walls and chip hospital-white floor tiles, I realize the renovation of my attitude is every bit as important as the remodeling of our new home. I thought I was a patient person, but when circumstances surrounding this purchase pressed me, an ugly side of myself surfaced.

The removal of annoyances that lodged within me could be likened to the snapping of floor tile. And as I work, this thought comes to mind:

When gifts do not flow freely from the hand of God, remember to whisper “Thank you!”

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