Setting up an Arts and Crafts Room

Although I’ve written about the importance of setting up creative spaces before, I’ve recently revisited this reality. Due to a home move, I’ve been without an art room for four months. So when I could finally begin designing my new art studio, I had an opportunity to think through what I’d like to do the same and differently.

Of course, I, once again, chose the room with morning sunlight streaming through the window. This is an essential component for me because I enjoy using the sunlight for morning photo shoots.

Yet an issue I’ve encountered is what my sister, Gina, an acrylic artist, put into words so well, “Organizing my art supplies is the bane of my existence.”

Like Gina, I’ve played around with dozens of ways to make my art supplies accessible and organized. What I decided upon was shelving that would lift them off of my art table.

This allows me to have more creative space where I can place specific supplies depending upon what I am working on at the moment.

I also wanted a way to prop up works in process so I could mull over the next step. This shelf provides this useful feature.

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