Re-centering Your Creative Self

Like constructing a dam in a swift-flowing river, time for reflection pools the soul’s waters so we can see our reflection. When outward flow to others stops, we seek mental, emotional, and spiritual rejuvenation. We artistic types must work at taking the time to reflect, refocus, and reorganize. 

If we do not, we find ourselves far away from those activities we cherish most. I created this mixed media piece because of a desire to visualize my longings: freedom to think…to create…to live; time to quiet my inner chatter so the Holy Spirit can impress upon my mind what the will of the Father is.

Freedom Mixed Media

My best time for reflecting and refocusing is in the morning before I ricochet off in a dozen different directions. And with the New Year stretching out before me, I really need to decide what is most important for me to pursue and do.

When I take the time to reflect, this freedom of soul releases new creative ideas and desires.

The idea for this mixed media piece began with a desire to slow down my life, the pace of which felt a lot like riding river rapids without paddles. Then during a bout of wrestling with my busyness, the desire for freedom burst out of my soul in the words of this poem.

I decided to paint a songbird welcoming the morning because morning is my favorite time of the day; a time when I sit in my art room, my favorite place, while sunlight streams through the window.

I left space between the words in the mixed media because I need space: time alone without distractions, time to listen to wordless music while I paint, time to re-organize my messy art room after finishing a project.

So, I encourage you to pool your soul’s waters and reflect on who you are, what you do, and how what you’d like to do differently.

Then plunge in and feel the crisp chill of discovering something you’ve never done before. Paint a picture, write a song, finish a project you’ve neglected, float along with an unfolding poem.

If your soul trills for freedom, stop and let your soul sing. Take time to reflect on what is most important to you, and then pursue your passion.

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