Paint My Life with Color by Elya Filler

Paint My Life with Color  is a themed collection of paintings that my daughter, Elya, assembled on Etsy. Elya admired the work of these artists and featured their paintings along with hers. Elya paints my life with color, and I wince every time I think about her move to Thailand in a couple of weeks.

Colorful Tree Elya with Me

She will be gone for a year, teaching English and traveling around Asia, again. In fact, whenever I see a young willowy woman who resembles her, my heart aches, and she hasn’t even left yet.

Even though I will miss her terribly, I know that Elya’s travels around the world infuse her paintings with color. She’s captured the beauty of cherry blossoms in Korea…

Cherry Blossom Tree Elya Filler

and her wandering soul in painting after painting.

Travel The World by Elya Filler

Elya inspires me. I often wonder how she finds the time to paint so prolifically. Her artistry moves me to continue my own exploration of mixed media and portrait painting, two of my favorites. I need her reminder to “just breathe,” when I feel frustrated with my fast-paced lifestyle, which sucks up my artistic energy.  Her tenacity to pursue her craft quells my complaints.

Her passion to explore the world and live among other cultures is a huge part of who she is and why I love her so, and so I must let her go.

As I prepare to part with my precious daughter, I find comfort in the thought that her travels will paint my life with color again and again.




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