Vintage Purse Strings

A small, worn travel suitcase with the silver strings of a vintage purse draped over the side appeared in my dream as if a photo shoot. The image captivated me—camera shot hugged up close and angled towards a vanishing point. I rolled over in the dark and groggily sketched a crude reproduction onto journal pages.

Vintage Purse Strings with Worn Travel Suitcase

In the morning, the accompanying message “purse strings” still reverberated through my mind. The photo shoot couldn’t wait until I had found a similar purse and suitcase as those I saw in the dream. As soon as the morning sun peeked over the horizon, I shuffled into my art room to set up the image from the dream with items from my art room.

Purse strings…hmmm….where have I heard this before? Purse strings…what does this message mean?

 My computer search led me to this post, “Purse Strings of Trust,” I wrote on July 28th of last summer. I re-read my writing and sighed. The words were as real to me today as they were seven months ago. Yet the one change that has occurred since then is a growing desire to create vintage-style mixed media art, and the beginning of a desire to one day travel and teach creativity classes for others. READ ENTIRE POST…

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