Word Gardening…and her words blew over the wall…

We writers often fantasize about our words blowing over the wall of our word gardens we work so hard to cultivate. Beth Reekle’s amazing success with her novel, “The Kissing Booth,” is an incredible example of this, and a real pick me up for any aspiring author.

Word Gardening...and her words blew over the wall...mixed media

This teen writer decided to craft a book about teen romance because “She just wanted to read something that didn’t involve vampires, werewolves, or fallen angels,” contributing writer, Nina Mandel, explains in her article for Today News: “Teenager lands 3-book deal with record-breaking romance.”  As the Kissing Booth” storms the e-book market, another writer’s dreams come true.

I often imagine my words blowing over the wall of my writer’s life. When they do, the results are far from Beth’s success, but I still feel the warm fuzzies that happens when someone thanks me for something I’ve written. I don’t quite know how to describe this feeling you get when your words encourage and inspire someone, but anyone who has experienced this knows what I’m talking about. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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