How to Make a Coral-Colored Floral Arrangement

Here’s a delightful diy project for making a floral arrangement using coral roses, snapdragons, ranunculus, baby hydrangeas, and red tip bush trimmings.Designed by Belinda Scheurich

Designed by Belinda Scheurich

Masterful artisan and floral designer, Belinda Scheurich, co-owner of Buds in a Vase (and my delightful sister-in-law) demonstrates how to make an elegant floral that will brighten up your kitchen and serve as a focal point for any event.

Belinda Scheurich, Co-owner of Buds in a Vase

Step 1: Slice oranges and put them into a tall vase. Next, put floral foam into a square container that fits snuggly into the top of the vase. Belinda snipped filler from my red tip bush to start her arrangement. READ THE ENTIRE POST..Floral_Arrangement_Snapdragons_2_588

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