Freedom Walkers: Living with Both Feet on the Ground

There are those gifted with wings, mighty successes that soar on currents of notoriety, and then there are freedom walkers, people who live with both feet on the ground, those who stumble through the ordinary.

Freedom Walkers, Poem

We freedom walkers cheer for American idol contestants while our guitars sleep in coffin-like cases, tucked away in closets.

We sing to modest audiences, shampoo bottles perched on soapy ledges that hug shower walls.

We work hard and long, and steal artistic time like famished thieves snatching loaves of fresh-baked bread.

Although we long for powerful promises fulfilled to lift us above the average, few will ever know our names or celebrate our crafts or adorn our graves with flowers.

Yet, we help other little feet find their way.

Skyler's feet glow

The allure of seeking success in and of itself is our Achilles heel, the intoxicating potion that unravels reasoning, the kiss of death to pure desires.

So we work at the fine art of sipping slowly from notoriety’s cup to keep our minds from swelling and our feet from stumbling.

For God measures freedom walkers’ impact on a heavenly scale, which reads the motives of the heart, acts of obedience to His will, and the ability to cherish what He cherishes…helping a child learn to read, listening to an elderly person’s story, creating a piece of art that inspires someone sitting in the darkness of desperation.

And in thousands of little ways, we touch the lives of others, as we stumble along life’s path.

Yes, we are freedom walkers, those who walk with both feet on the ground. Those who embrace the Birds of Paradise along our paths.



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