I’ve Been Lost

One of the highlights of my recent visit with Barry and Kay Johnson in Sarasota, Florida was that Barry finished a song I’d written years ago titled, I’ve Been Lost.

I've Been Lost

Here’s the song on YouTube:

I wrote the first part of this song during a pretty dark time of my life but never finished it. When I sang it for Barry and Kay, Barry went into his talented-musical mode, and by the next morning had emerged with the rest of the words and the music.

What a shot in the musical arm this was for me. You see, I’ve struggled for years to regain my footing as a songwriter and musician. In fact, I have computer files full of unfinished songs and have sorely neglected to play my classical guitar. So when Barry and Kay encouraged me to pursue this part of my artistic self, I found the strength to finally set aside my excuses and return to my former love. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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