Dare to Dream Beyond your Fears and Limitations

Dream is an artistic expression of my creative aspirations.

Dream Mixed Media with Eye

What if we dared to dream of possibilities beyond our present skills or the obstacles life throws our way?

Dream is a mixed media piece I created to express my desire to develop as a writer, artist, and singer/songwriter.

I don’t know about you, but my fears often get in the way of the purposes I believe God has for me to pursue:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of time limitations
  • Fear of not being good enough

The list goes on and on.

“The eyes are the window of the soul,” is often interpreted to mean that we can see into someone’s soul through his or her eyes. Yet Dream presents a different perspective:

What we envision spills out into creative expression.

Artistic projects begin with “seeing,” whether in the natural or spiritual world, or in our imagination.

Yet, creativity is difficult to manage because the ideas we imagine take time to develop mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We can’t force an art form to come forth any more than we can force a peach to ripen on the branch or a baby to form in the womb.

But we can pack less into our schedules to make room for creative expression. We can give ourselves time to think, to try, to work on, and to finish.

We can regularly resist a culture that glorifies star-struck popularity and moneymaking ventures. We can resist the obsession to build a platform and embrace an ever-expanding sphere of influence that results when we bring our gifts to the world. We can dare to Dream.

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