Live Towards the Light

Live Towards the Light is a mixed media piece that addresses the artistic soul’s dark side.

live towards the light mixed media

Those times when cloaks of confusion, anxiety, and despair fall over your heart, mind, and soul.

Depression runs in my artistic family, and I know we’re not alone. Over the years, I’ve talked to countless other creative people who struggle with similar feelings. The names and faces may change, but the bouts of depression sound quite similar.

They go from glorious times when creativity rides on the winds of inspiration to episodes of negative emotions that overcome them. They tell me how they struggle to find their way out of the malaise. I empathize with these amazingly talented yet tormented people because I also wrestle with my own demons.

Love Towards the Light reminds me to turn away from my dark side and look towards the light. I created the artwork as an invitation to live for divine insight and heavenly peace.

Although our natural tendencies may urge us to indulge in negativity, we can choose to remember that God has shed His light into the darkest places upon this earth. We can follow His Spirit that is full of light.

How do you deal with your dark side?

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