The Pretender, Masquerade Mask Painting in Process

The Pretender is an acrylic painting that honors when hiding who you are feels right.

I started by painting the top parts of the mask and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Today I realized how far the project has come. Here’s a photo of the painting in the early stages.

The Pretender Mask in Process

I find acrylic painting a fun and fascinating art form. I work on a piece of the painting, trying to create colorful details, and forget about the overall effect. When I get to a certain point with the section, I prop the painting up and push away so I can take in the overall progress so far. Then I can see what I need to add or change.

I’m always amazed at how the details of each part join together to create the whole. Sounds kind of like life to me. We work so hard at the minutia of whatever comes next, but need those push away times when we can gain a fresh perspective.

The Pretender Mask with Rose in Process

You can purchase reproductions of this painting on my Fine Art America Shop.

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