The Gift of Hospitality

We toast and laugh and love, and moments together seem timeless, erasing the worries of the day.


Hospitality is a gift my family enjoys because of the wonderful women who host or help the hostess. Everyone brings a dish or two or three and often someone brings a little something extra for the person hosting.

This Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law, Susan, gave me candles because she knows how obsessed I am with decorating for Christmas.

“You can put these on a high shelf because they are remote-controlled.” Susan explained. 

Remote-Controlled Candles

Friendships form unbreakable bonds because we take the time to celebrate life and to appreciate each other.

Hospitality requires creative expression and often siphons artistic energy, but I wouldn’t trade this privilege for anything else. What can compare to watching family and friends enjoy each other when they gather together.

Thank you, ladies, for making this holiday so very special!

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