Creating Cozy

It’s holiday hosting time and my husband starts acting like he’s on decorating crack (no drugs here but just a frenzy of creativity).

I hear him stirring at 5:00 am on a Saturday morning and find him in his office pinning ideas on his Pinterest boards.

“Hey, you’re right. This Pinterest thing is great. I’m collecting ideas for house projects.” As if he didn’t already have enough home improvement projects.

“Look at all of these patio enclosures.” Hubby.

“Can I wake up first and drink my coffee?” Me.

“You liked my idea of putting glass shelves in that awkward enclave.”

Hubby ignores me and goes right on talking. He’s concerned about football seats for the guys, and I find myself pouring coffee while thinking about the ladies in our living room circle (we gather in another room to talk while they watch football).

“We don’t have enough comfortable seating for Thanksgiving, so let’s go out and buy more living room furniture.

Creating cozy is contagious, and I get sucked into the vortex of his obsession. “Do you need any more serving ware? Look at these drink dispensers.” He continues.

Weekend days consist of driving around the valley where we live and then down to Santa Clarita to find just the right fit of furniture, an accent table, and even an ice bucket.

On my way to work the following Monday, I almost drive through a red light because I’m counting people coming to Thanksgiving and wondering whether we’ve got enough chairs, even after we’ve ordered more.

Although I hassle my husband, I’m glad he gets so into creating cozy. He motivates me to think about our home, our kids, and our guests. He has a knack for taking something as bold as two red chairs to add color that makes the family room pop.

The bench seat with a granite top was also his idea.

As was using backsplash for the fireplace and travertine for the mantel, which is still under construction. Did I forget to mention that if you have a husband who likes to create cozy, you will ALWAYS have a project under construction?

He insisted on leather reclining coaches, which I thoroughly resisted but now thoroughly love.

Yes, creating cozy has fully overcome me and even though it’s not Thanksgiving yet, I’m tucking tiny snow people next to spindly pine trees and setting miniature houses onto twinkling snow.

I’m texting family to complete his menu spreadsheet (That’s right, all you women out there, my husband creates a spreadsheet for keeping track of holiday meals.)

As I ponder our compulsion to create a family atmosphere, I wonder whether we’re experiencing what the character, Robert DeNiro, did in the movie Everybody’s Fine. The father has this desire to reconnect with his kids by “getting everyone around the table,” so he decides to host the holidays and recreate the nostalgic feelings once shared when their mother, his wife, was alive.

This Thursday our home will fill with family and friends who will enjoy our created cozy. Now that’s a positive creative contribution, and I’m thankful for a husband who makes it happen!


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