Tears in a Bottle Mixed Media

Tears in a Bottle is a mixed media project inspired by Psalm 56:8, You have collected all my tears in your bottle…recorded each one in your book.

Tears in a Bottle Mixed Media

This scripture comforts with the reminder that God never forgets our sorrows.

I used Golden Regular Gel (Matte) for the paper collaging. The eye is painted with acrylics.

The rose symbolizes the blossoming of a woman’s life, which is often watered with her tears. This mixed media is dedicated to women that have suffered much.

You can purchase reproductions on my Fine Art America Shop.

3 Replies to “Tears in a Bottle Mixed Media”

    1. Hi Marcia, thank you for your interest in purchasing a copy of “Tears in a Bottle.” I’ll upload the image to my Fine America Shop so you can purchase a reproduction. I’ll let you know when it is ready. Here is a link to my Shop so you can see all of my artwork for sale.

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