The Messenger, an Acrylic Painting by JoDee Luna

The Messenger depicts Jesus, the Messiah who brings hope, mercy, and grace to humankind.

The Messenger Acrylic by JoDee Luna_960

The Messenger’s eyes are the focal point of the painting, searching the heart of the viewer for entrance.

The Messenger is an acrylic on canvas with the face framed by a beard and textured robe.

If I were to select a song that embodies The Messenger, it would definitely be Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman.

The Messenger completes The Faces of Goodness, an acrylic collection that reflects various expressions of faith in the faces of women. My hope is for these portraits to give hope when despair surrounds, trust when anxiety paralyzes, and belief when doubt overshadows.

A table-top book titled The Faces with Goodness is underwayThis book will feature each painting: what inspired the portrait and a themed collection of inspirational writings that go with each piece.

Canvas reproductions of some of the paintings are available on my Fine Art America page.


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