Garden Angel

Can God make something beautiful out of something no longer usable?

I must think so because the flowers flow from my brush and form around the rusted bumper and well-worn tires. Lime-green leaves emerge against the darkened earth, enticing the eye towards the car’s beauty—light streams through broken windows, a silver, glistening-watering can at rest in a bed of garden foliage.

The car’s passenger door jarred open invites viewers to imagine a day from yester years when happy faces rounded corners on their way to Thanksgiving dinner at grandma’s home.

What do we do with the broken, cast-off parts of our lives? Whatever the Lord asked us to build and then lay at His feet can become something beautiful, something that entices us to believe He had a purpose in the building and in the letting go.

We paint roses around what we gave our energy to until redemption appears, a silver watering can the Lord can fill with His grace to pour out for other thirsty souls.

We paint roses until the abandoned car becomes the focal point of our life’s painting. Until the hurt no longer paralyzes but pleases with memories of good things God did during those fruitful years. And we praise Him for His goodness—the Garden Angel of our soul.



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