Dare to Dream from Land to Sea

Dare to Dream from Land to Sea Art Exhibit by JoDee Luna and Gina M. Wilson featured at the Palmdale Playhouse from March 14th-April 28th.

Artistic Sisters Celebrate their Art Exhibit

My sister and I are honored to have been chosen to display our art at this exquisite gallery. Gina and I were fortunate to have been raised by a very artistic mother who imparted her love of portrait and landscape art to us. We constantly encourage each other to pursue our passion for art, so this art exhibit is so very special to us.

Here’s a couple of photos that show our artistic processes:


Most of the pieces are for sale but must remain in the exhibit until April 28th; however, if you are interested in purchasing a painting, you can email me at jodeeluna22@gmail.com.

Peruse the gallery below to see the exhibit.


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