The Importance of a Creative Space

Having a creative space is essential for an artist’s creative expression.

It’s been 8 months since I had to pack up my art room due to a roof leak that resulted in a home remodel. After that, my husband and I sold our house and relocated to another city. Retirement from a career in education now leaves me with ample time to paint, write, and create.

My former colleagues even gave me gifts as reminders to develop my creative life, and I set them around my new art room so I could draw strength from their messages.

Yet, as I’m setting up my new art room, I’ve got some apprehension, wondering whether I’ll remember how to create. But instead of giving up, I decide to draw strength from past experiences when my creative space helped me with consistency. Paints, brushes, and canvases in process lured me into my art room.

Once inside, I’d play my favorite music and watch the magic happen. The more I painted in my creative space, the more I desired to paint. My art room filled with inspiration and vision boards where I tacked up my dreams, one of which was to move closer to children and grandchildren.

A creative space doesn’t have to be an entire room. It can be a special desk you set aside for creative projects.

It can be a table transformed into a gathering place where children can create with you.

It can be a favorite place you love to go that gets your creative juices flowing. One of my favorite places for inspiration is the beach.

Wherever your creative space is, let’s encourage one another to go there often. I’ll keep posting about my progress in setting up my art room as well as posts about some other hindrances to creating that I’ve repeatedly encountered. I’d love to hear what helps you to get inspired, so feel free to leave an encouraging comment.

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