The Healing Power of Creativity

We live in a rushed society so to be housebound for days on end has a way of changing our perspective.

When crisis forces us to slow down, we begin to notice how the human soul longs for inspiration.

There is a healing power in creativity and we need that healing power now more than ever before.

Perhaps this desire for innovation is part of our God-given birthright. Why not? We do have a Heavenly Father who is the Master of all that is new and full of life.

Crushed of soul

Fraught with pain

Oh Master make me whole again

Brush in hand

Paint my name

Across your heart in gold refrain

Grace my life

Give to me

A vision for humanity

God uses creativity to draw us closer to Him. Creativity heals the heart, mind, and soul. God uses creativity to draw us to others.

I have heard from many that this time of quarantine has caused them to reevaluate their priorities; the way they rush around from one activity to another, the constant distractions that keep them from quality time with their families, the compulsion to seek entertainment because their souls are not at rest with enough.

Now we see families playing games, making crafts, and creating art. The resiliency of creativity keeps families healthy and whole when they have every reason to despair. I’m making posts and videos to help families find creative ways to spend time together:

The human soul longs for community. Gathering with others fills our hearts with joy. Yet during this Corona Virus Pandemic, we cannot hold those most dear to use, so we drink in their faces through computer screens. We create and read for grandchildren that longingly watch from afar.

Hospitality is a very creative gift. Some people express creativity by drawing people together. My son and daughter-in-law joined their friends for a Zoom gathering yesterday. Hospitality can still occur even when we are isolated physically.

While personal creativity heals your soul, extending your creative gifts to others heals theirs.

I collected the mail the other day and there was an envelope addressed to me. Inside was a handmade letter from my two-year-old granddaughter. What a delight to see that she was thinking of me.

A handmade gift given to family members or friends reassures them that they are valued and not alone. You took the time out of your busy life to make something that says, “I love you, I’m thinking about you, I care.”

Sometimes words do not touch those places deep inside of us. When you feel lonely or desperate, try exploring a new art form or returning to a creative activity you enjoy. I guarantee a flutter of hope will begin to emerge.

Reading Under a Cherry Tree
Art by Elya Moline

While cultivating my garden, I revisit the miracle of an ever-renewing cycle of planting, growing, and harvesting.

Appreciation floods my soul as I revisit a mixed media crafted years ago to honor my father and daughter; precious family I can only see on the computer screen because of the Corona Virus quarantine.

Drying flowers from my garden and then using them to design floral arrangements graces our home with a touch of spring, reminding me that even in the most despairing winter, spring will eventually come.

Yes, the miracle of creativity’s healing force still permeates human hearts because the Creator of All is alive and well.

There is a healing power in creativity. What will you create today?

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