How to Create a Mixed Media Background

Painting on a mixed media canvas provides a forgivable surface you can wipe clean to start again. You can create a mixed media background with scrapbooking paper or photos printed on hp Brochure Paper 180 g.

Step 1: First, tear pieces of paper and arrange a design on a canvas.

Step 2: Next, apply Golden Gel Medium (Regular Gel Matte) or Mod Podge (Matte) to the canvas and the backside of the paper.

  • Here are photos of the products I use. Golden Gel Medium is more expensive but will give you a more professional look. Mod Podge is a less expensive alternative. 

Step 3: Smooth with a plastic card.

Step 4: Apply a coat of Golden Gel (Medium Regular Gel Matte) or Mod Podge Matte over the entire canvas once all of the paper is attached.

Step 5: Use carbon paper to transfer your image onto the mixed media canvas. Make sure you put the shiny side of the carbon paper onto the canvas and secure carbon paper and the copy of your photo to the canvas. Trace all desired lines.

The following post,  will show you how to paint eyes, How to Paint Realistic Eyes.



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