Creative Teaching Resources on Luna Arts and Ed TPT Store

Like water finding its way through rocky terrain, sometimes creativity takes interesting twists and turns. Creating engaging, interactive teaching resources for our Luna Arts & Ed Teachers Pay Teachers Store has become an artistic outlet for my husband and I during this challenging Covid-19 pandemic. 

Developing products has given us opportunities to explore new forms of creativity by using Adobe Creative Cloud products: Premier, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Audition.

Here’s video preview links and descriptions to a couple of our teaching resources:

Things You Find at the Beach is a collection of lessons and activities that uses engaging video, vibrant photography, visual vocabulary, and creative poetry for fluency practice and to teach response to literature. If you’re a beach lover like we are, you’ll find the videos and artwork fascinating. 

The Personification Lessons and Activities Video accompanies a writable PDF so students can receive support through a narrator who explains the content and questions. A mix of whiteboard animation, cartoons, and artwork make this video engaging and completing the PDF possible for students. Teachers will find everything they need for virtual instruction.

We’ll continue to create new products as our creative ideas gain new ground. We’d love for you to peruse our TPT Store.

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