Awaiting Spring

Awaiting Spring visualizes my search for hope as I wait for this seemingly unending Covid-19 pandemic to end. 
The floral garland moves from winter holly to spring flowers, symbolizing hope that this winter of despair and death will end and life with flourish once again.
I created the hummingbird nestled in her nest  from a reference photo I took in my garden.
Every day I would peak at the momma bird sitting ever so still on her tiny eggs.
She had no way of knowing the horror befalling the earth. She seemed so pure, so diligent, so hopeful that one day her tiny offspring would find their way through their hard shells and emerge.
Every day I would draw hope from watching her wait.
Awaiting Spring is my first attempt to use oil paints for portrait painting; challenging to be sure but the results very rewarding.
I created an animated version of the painting by using Character Animate, Adobe Creative Suite. In the video, the painting tells the story of her inspiration and creation:

A friend, Debi Mcneil, expressed Awaiting Spring’s essence:

Debi Mcneil “Wow! She’s pensive yet hopeful, she’s young yet has the wisdom of time in her beautiful eyes. She looks as though she’s at peace with herself and her world. She’s got a glow that’s visible to all. Whatever comes she’s ready to take it on with dignity and grace. In fact Grace is a good name for her if she doesn’t already have one!”

I dedicate Awaiting Spring to all of us clinging to grace in our waiting. My hope is that something beautiful will blossom during these very sad days. Days spent waiting for our lives to return to those wonderful times when we could hold those we love closely.

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