Whimsy and Wonder Poetry for Fluency Practice

I’ve returned to my literacy roots with this collection of whimsical poems now available on my Luna Arts and Ed Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Whimsy and Wonder was born when I was a READ 180 literacy teacher, working with struggling middle school readers grades 6-8. I knew that practicing fluency was essential for my students’ reading success, but quickly discovered they didn’t want to do what they couldn’t do well. 

So, I thought of writing poems that presented a silly spin on life, taught valuable character lessons, and targeted essential vocabulary words. Poems they would want to read and that would help them learn to read well.

My mom, Grandma Dee, also contributed playful poems would get my students to chuckle about topics such as snotty noses, germs, and stinky friends.

My stepdaughter, Andy Bradley, and I created the cartoons to illustrate the poems. She also contributed a poem about her longing to be a cartoon. Here’s a link to her TPT Store, Teacher Andy Bradley, where she sells creative ELD Lessons.

I’ve always wanted to publish the collection in a form that would help struggling readers to hear fluent reading of the poems before joining in to practice reading them along with a narrator. So, each poem has an unlisted video link that does just that! Whimsy and Wonder includes over 70 minutes of engaging video time for students.

Check out the product information listed below and the Whimsy and Wonder Preview Video

Whimsy and Wonder is a collection of poetry created to provide an engaging way for students to practice reading fluency while learning essential academic vocabulary. These poems will delight kids of all ages, including grown-ups in need of a chuckle. 

These poems are designed to use with various grade levels, depending upon whether students are using them independently or assisted. Each poem’s approximate reading lexile level range and grade level is listed so you can make that determination.

Video Links: Each poem has a link to unlisted videos teachers can use for modeled, shared, and independent reading. Students can listen to the poems read to them, and then practice reading along to improve reading fluency. 

Challenging Vocabulary: Vocabulary definitions for words that students might find challenging are also provided when applicable. 

Reading Lexile Ranges/Approximate Grade Level: Each poem’s approximate reading lexile level range and grade level is listed with the intent that the poems are not only used at grade level but for intervention for upper-grade students that are reading far below grade level. 

Available at Luna Arts and Ed Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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