Creative Teaching Resources

If you’re an educator in need of some creative resources for virtual or in-person instruction, check out our newest product, Similes and Metaphors, posted on our Luna Arts and Ed TPT Store:

“Similes and Metaphors” teaches these figurative language terms using whiteboard animation, art, and photography to engage and assist students. 

Products Included & Suggestions for Instruction

Instructional Video: A narrator reads and explains content and questions, modeling how to use sentence frames to answer questions.

Interactive/Writable PDF: The embedded video link provides easy access to the unlisted video. This PDF provides instructions for answering the questions in writable text boxes for virtual instruction.

Drawing Lesson: A step-by-step drawing lesson helps students to create a cup of hot chocolate.

Suggestions for Instruction

Student Grouping: Use “Similes and Metaphors” during whole group instruction or for small group instruction, such as working with extension or intervention groups.

A Special thanks to Teacher Andy Bradley for contributing artwork.

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