I’ve been revisiting portions of my book, Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics, and am amazed at how relevant the writings are concerning my current creative journey. 

Chapter 4 addresses obstacles us creative eclectics often struggle to overcome. I highlight topics such as dealing with depression (typical of the artistic temperament), steering clear of relational drama, and balancing multiple life roles.

Here are a couple of excerpts from this chapter: 


Eventually, I became aware of this profound truth: I needed to shift my creative energy away from unhealthy people and negative situations and into the pursuit of my passions. As I slowly began to do this, I experienced accomplishments and serenity that far exceeded my expectations. I learned how to overcome codependency after I recognized the problem and began connecting with my true self. Then I needed to establish healthy boundaries in order to resist this powerful drug of over-involvement with another…


When my depression abates, I imagine how satisfying it would be to inspire other people creatively. This at times seems like a heady ambition, but then I think “What if ?” What if following this internal drumbeat is actually a part of using my talents in purposeful ways? Could others who wait along the path of my life be in need of a word of encouragement? Perhaps an artistic idea could inspire them to get through their dreary day. Could others possess latent gifts that have fallen asleep after eating depression’s poisonous apple? Maybe I did hear heaven speak to light the fires of other souls that are now only dimly burning wicks. For this I live, I write, I create.

If you’re a creative in need of some inspiration, select this link to find out more about my book: Refrain from the Identical: Insights and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics.

Available on Amazon:

A special shout out to my sister, Gina M. Wilson, for the amazing pen and ink artwork my book features.

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