Refrain from the Identical: Insights and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics

The concept of “Refraining from the identical” is essential for anyone wanting to pursue a creative lifestyle. Twenty-first Century living is packed full of activities that seem so important; yet, only as we weed out some things can we make room for our creative pursuits.

You do not have to be an accomplished writer, artist, or content creator to participate. In fact, this new Era of Voice is about amateur exploration. Fame and fortune does not determine your creative worth! Perfection is not the prerequisite for sharing your talents with others! 

This current Digital Revolution provides abundant opportunities for self-expression: i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, websites, blogs. Never before have we had so many opportunities to present who we are and what we love in such unique ways. We can pay tribute to family and friends, reminisce the past, create an interesting present, or envision the future. 

I believe each one of us has a God-given destiny waiting for our discovery. Our purpose will unfold as we pursue what gives us life and a sense of meaning. We can live out our values in sublime ways that change the world if we dare to Refrain from the Identical!

Available on Amazon: Refrain from the Identical: Insights and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics.

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