Welcome Home

Welcome Home is a mixed media oil portrait.

The project began as a collage of photos from my husband and my trip to Maine. Originally, I titled the artwork “Art and Soul” after the trendy art gallery photo I’d taken under her eye.

But as I painted her, something surprising happened. The compulsion to paint a woman from Latino heritage ended up with her emerging on the canvas. I went against my initial decision to allow the photos to show through and ended up creating a face over the photos.

The title changed to Welcome Home as I studied the front porch with the American flag waving. It seemed to speak of an invitation to enter. I come from families of Italian immigrants whose stories always create a sense of awe and wonder when they tell of my great-grandparents seeing the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island for the first time.

I’m thankful for my ancestries that came to this country and provided a legacy I am very proud to call my own.

Welcome Home is my tribute to the millions of immigrants who have sought refuge and a better life in America. We welcome you!

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