Bird of Paradise the Wingless Bird of Surrender

I’m captivated by the Birds of Paradise that grace my garden. These lovely flowers hold special significance for me. They remind me to surrender lofty aspirations in exchange for blessings that come from living an everyday life in an attitude of surrender.

Like the Bird of Paradise, the wingless bird of surrender, life plucks our feathers, our idealism, our unrealistic dreams until we find ourselves searching for meaning in the mundane. This takes surrender. We must release our lofty ambitions and create where we live.

The Bird of Paradise is a beautiful image of surrender. Whereas other birds soar freely in limitless skies, this beauty roots herself into the ground. She shows off her colorful blooms and seems to be content just to grow in one place. Oh that I had a little more of the Bird of Paradise in me!

Recently, I revisited a couple of posts and poem I’d written that were inspired by this majestic flower:

Bird of Paradise: Finding Contentment through Art

Surrender: Bird of Paradise

Unconditional Surrender

Then came the compulsion to craft a video using the Birds of Paradise from my garden, the poem, and some excerpts from the posts:

This poem really grounds me because I’m a dreamer by nature, often viewing the world from an ethereal perspective. Often waiting for those sublime moments, those bursts of inspiration, those special tasks.

So the concept that contentment and purpose are found along the paths that we walk, in the everyday stuff of life, motivates me to be present in the moment. To look for opportunities to enjoy those I love and to capture ideas I can transform into art.

Years ago, I made a mixed media for my poem using my daughter as a model. A picture of her gazing at a Bird of Paradise captivated me:

So, I projected the photo onto a canvas and used the shadows and highlights as a painting guide:

I’m grateful for the Bird of Paradise, and the lessons I’ve learned about surrender.

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