The Mysterious Wave-like Nature of Writing

How interesting that when I am most stripped of thought and emptied of soul, eventually, the sighs rise inside, like ocean waves, and then roll through my pen.

Something someone can relate to splashes onto paper; no guile, no posturing, just an honest description of a human dilemma. And when this happens, people relate, and I think, perhaps people relate to, and are refreshed by, writing that is real.

What a mysterious movement of soul water writing is. At times, words rise and swell and roll forth into inspired prose. Then, at other times, they lie still in one’s soul; no amount of conjuring can make them stir. The writer paddles out past the breakwater and waits, feeling depleted of creativity, exhausted in mind, threadbare of spirit.

Then, in time, the ocean’s belly of writing rises and heaves forth a thought, and that thought forms into words, collecting momentum. The writer catches the wave as it crests and glides back into the sands of humanity.

So if you have the compulsion to write, I welcome you to the fickleness of the craft. I invite you to ride those waves of inspiration. But I also encourage you to pay special attention to those times in between the easy. Try to remember to rest, to float, to gather strength. For rest assured, your best will spill forth when you are stripped of thought and emptied of soul. 

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