Decluttering for New Beginnings

Often the compulsion to clean out precedes new beginnings. 

Do you find yourself annoyed with your clutter?

Disappointed with your decorations?

Bored with your art form?

The compulsion to clean out is a sign of personal growth to come.

We must make room for the new; whether in our homes, garages, creative spaces, minds, hearts, or souls.

We purge to purify.

Declutter to redesign.

Empty out to embrace.

My husband and I are on a cleaning out/redesigning bender. Clutter started to consume. Outdated home décor bored. We found ourselves longing for more space in closets, cupboards, and garage. We wanted a new look. 

My art room needed a thorough purging as well. Supplies from creative days gone by no longer called to me. They’d been stored for years and still unused. 

The hours, days, and weeks of cleaning out have been grueling. The mess spread out across tables and floors overwhelms. The sorting seems endless and even sorrowful because our minds attach memories to objects. 

My sister describes this process of getting rid of things as a “walk down memory lane. You reminisce the memories attached to the object. You ask yourself, ‘Do I want to move in a different direction?’ If the answer is yes, you put the item in the give-away box.”

Gina’s helping me to process letting go of my possessions. I moaned, “It’s hard to get rid of my Schools Attuned materials from my teaching days because they offer such incredible resources for struggling students.” 

Her answer calmed my angst: “It’s ok to have a box of items you’re undecided about. Set it aside for now, but don’t let it derail your momentum.” 

As I purge my possessions, the thought occurs: What kind of creative do I want to be moving forward? 

I don’t know the answer to that yet, but I’m making room for when the answer comes.

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