Overcoming the Obstacle of Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is an obstacle that plagues even the most successful creatives. Feelings of uncertainty about your abilities, purposes, and plans are quite common.

So, if you’re called to be a creative, get ready to battle this enemy of artistic ambitions.

Inspiration comes in waves with periods of calm when ideas recede. During these down times, self-doubt convinces us we’re not artists or writers or any number of artistic identities we’ve developed. 

I, for one, find myself doubting my creativity’s impact instead of organically creating what comes to me. The mental dialogue debilitates:

Few find your art or writing inspiring.

Your social media sucks! You’ll never build a platform to sell your manuscripts in progress. 

Why try? Give up now. 

When self-doubt descends, I find myself in a fog of purposelessness. 

Yet, it’s during these times that I become aware of my human limitations. I need God to breathe life back into the gifts and talents He’s designed for me to develop and share. 

“…“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

1 Corinthians 12:9 

Self-doubt also appears when facing seemingly insurmountable tasks. What you envision accomplishing is out of your reach right now.

Self-doubt creates despair. 

Despair clings to shoulders like a dark, dismal freeloader who whispers, “You know you will never succeed so why try!” 

Only sheer determination to believe in ideals beyond one’s lack drives the climber forward and up.

The creative must summons inner strength to begin the ascent, one hand grasp and foothold at a time because self-doubt doesn’t leave during the climb.

The determined and stouthearted that persistently plod ahead will excel beyond their wildest dreams.

Antidote: Adjust your expectations.  Modest victories build self-confidence, providing hand and foot holds like climbers use to scale sheer cliffs. 

Self-doubt is a formidable foe for the creative. One that must be slain with faith and trust in a Creator who calls, equips, guides, and sustains. 

If you find yourself riddled with self-doubt, ask Him to confirm your calling, inspire your creativity, and empower your progress. 

Ask the Lord for grace to accomplish His purposes:

Be assured, He will! 

Do you doubt your creative abilities? 

Tap into the truth about your creative potential and learn how it can breathe life into your soul in this workbook that has helped over 200 women take simple steps to making art and finding joy. 

We are, after all, chosen to create! 

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