Sometimes Life is Like a Game of Chess

Sometimes life is like a game of chess. Watch the animated video:

You don’t know the next move. 

Your mind strategizes any inkling of direction, but all you hear is silence.

So, you pray for wisdom, insight into the unseen, and imagine all the possible outcomes.

But direction is shrouded with confusion, lack of clarity, hesitation.

You’ve chased so many dreams down rabbit holes that, this time, you want to be certain, or at least more cautious. 

I think God is ok with the waiting…because in the wrestling and doubting relationship is born.

You commune with your Creator over possible purposes, life decisions, and next moves. And He smiles because you’re spending time with together. 

Are you a creative in need of ongoing encouragement?

The creative life is often like a game of chess.

It’s easy to get discouraged when your anticipated moves don’t turn out like you’d planned.

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