Dough Sculpture

Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament

I began creating dough ornaments as a child around our kitchen table. Mom provided a homespun recipe of 1 cup of flour to 1/2 cup of salt ratio, and enough water to form a play dough consistency. My sister and I spent hours imagining and creating. 

Years later, my sister and I started an arts and craft business and dough sculpturing was one of my contributions. Currently, my daughters and their friends gather around the table to make dough ornaments for Christmas.

I also enjoy bringing the craft into my classroom right before the holidays. Students delight in forming the dough into designs. They often report of continuing the craft at home.

One of my recent highlights was an email I received from a young women who was like a daughter to me while we lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We had lost contact over the years and since that time her mother, one of my former close friends, died of breast cancer. This made her unexpected email so precious to receive:

“JoDee, your dough sculpturing made it all the way to Costa Rica where I taught children. Roses were their favorite.” Zoe


Dough Sculpture Reindeer
Dough Sculpture Reindeer
Dough Sculpture
Dough Sculpture

6 Replies to “Dough Sculpture”

  1. JoDee, I can’t tell you the joy I am receiving just wandering through your website. From the poetry through the dough sculptures and so on. I am still going but had to take a break and tell you how much I am enjoying it all. Bless you and thanks! Love, Linda French

  2. Linda,

    Thank you for taking the time to express your appreciation. Starting a blog is quite a vulnerable endeavor because of the self-disclosure required. Comments like yours give me the confidence to share. JoDee

  3. Hi there – just had to tell you that I read & LOVED your little item on “waste not want not” etc. The throwing away more salad than you eat really struck a chord – ha ha, that’s me all over! And the painting/gardening shirts, although in my case I just end up wearing my BRAND NEW T-shirt & getting it covered in black acrylic….
    Love your salt dough, was looing for some inspiration on the net. (Was shocked actually when a couple of my own popped up!)
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Katy, I enjoyed reading about how you related with the post “Waste not want not.” I’m sure glad others share my eccentricities. What’s funny is that when I went to throw away my shoes, and I couldn’t find them anywhere. Now a few days later, I’m missing them.

      If you enjoyed the salt dough, you might want to check out my creativity site

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