The Glass of Refreshment

            Going public through blogging is far more difficult than imagined. I have not posted for over a week and struggle to decide what to share. I rationalize that life goes into closets at times, when one seeks retreating from public viewing. Like the intermittent pooling of a rushing mountain stream, I draw away from routines in order to rejuvenate soul.

            This past weekend’s retreat up in the picturesque Napa Valley Wine Country proved invaluable for refreshment. I breathed in the aroma of crush still lingering in the crisp fall air. Memories of these times of harvesting grapes for making wine waft back into mind. I lived in the picturesque Napa Valley over twenty years ago.

            This weekend I hung out a van window capturing the bedazzling sights of vineyards transforming into autumn hues. A day of pampering at one of the natural springs soothed body and mind. While floating in the mineral pool and enjoying a massage, I mused, “Who lives like this?”

            Normal life pales in comparison to this weekend’s delight. Personal retreats space too far apart in my normally driven life. Today I peek out from behind my winepress; a personal “crush” of plucking private, serene moments and images for sharing. I will sip on this new wine of visual and personal connection in the weeks to come. This refreshment will take the sting off of life until I drain the glass once again.

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