Off to the editor!

There are solemn moments in a writer’s life requiring Selah, pause and calmly think of this. These moments request a photograph in order to preserve for remembering. Yesterday culminated in such an amazing moment. After years of gathering life experiences into a loose leaf manuscript, I ceremoniously wrapped the bundle with yarn strands before placing into the envelope for mailing. (I’m sure I must have seen this in a movie but nevertheless it was dramatic and fun). Today I will mail my first book off to the professional editor/literary agent who returned my inquiry with a wonderful time of sharing over the phone.

Bundled for Mailing

This woman is a brilliant “Doctor of Writing” teaching the craft at a university level. Her profile was the most intimidating due to the doctoral degree in the subject, former life experience as an editor and agent, and the vast number of books she has published. My heart fluttered with excitement as we talked hoping she will agree to take on this project.

Journals became Manuscripts

            Moments such as these cause me to ponder what has been accomplished by putting my mind and hand to the task of daily writing over the last four years. Creative life has emerged as evidenced by multiple by stacks of journals and projects nearing completion. 

My Precious Family

Today I am grateful. First, I appreciate my Heavenly Father who unceasingly pours creativity through finite mind so I can capture with pen. My heart also warms when thinking about the encouragement of family and friends who always believed. My husband has generously acquiesced to the complete overhaul of our lives so that writing could become a priority. His constant encouragement and patience evidenced by the fruit of my labor.

Barbie my Best Friend!

 My heart overflows with appreciation for my best friend, Barbie, who has virtually read most of the manuscript through emails over the years. I wrote, she laughed and cried. She is truly my best audience to date!

 Andy the Editor

I also thank my daughter, Andy, who painstakingly read through and edited the manuscript in preparation for professional editing. Her insightful notes and suggestions transformed the pages into a coherent, well-versed form.

Today I will mail my bundle like an eager mother awaiting word of her offspring’s safe arrival. The next few weeks will fill with giddy apprehension until the editor and I speak once again. Yet in the meantime, my pen feverishly continues to write everyday.

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