In Between Places

I just returned from taking my husband and stepson to the airport. They fly out to his family in Texas while my stepdaughter and I will follow in two days. The house is hushed save a faint ticking from the living room clock. I am alone. Yet in this silence, an irresistible “in between place” nestles nicely next to yesterday’s early Christmas gathering with my family and Tuesday’s airport departure; two glorious days of unframed creativity splashing imagination across life’s canvas.

Josiah, Monique, Andy

I savor in between places; whether a couple of days alone or an interim between present plans and future possibilities. In between places often result in glorious times of respecting divine mystery, advancing skill mastery, and initiating self-discovery.

Creative Indulgences

I find I can learn lessons during these slivers of time. One handy benefit is patience. I wait anxiously while tightly-budded mysteries promise unfurling. I request God’s providence and then try to listen. The resulting silence provokes self-indulgent agony until moving on to exploration. “Perhaps God is ok with me exploring creativity when He seems silent about my destiny,” I muse.


Often answers come in unexpected ways: a new song springs forth, a blog piece forms, or an impromptu photo shoot ensues. Sometimes I meet creative collaborators during these skinny seasons of searching; people who become more than project buddies but enduring friends.

Heartwarmer's Portfolio
Possible Creativity Website Background

In between places are also times for pursuing new skills mastery. I envision a creativity website requiring more Photoshop lessons in order to advance expertise at filters and layers. The world of work temporarily suspends all demands allowing me to focus on online learning and artistic dabbling.

Elya's World of Fiction

Another benefit of in between places is self-discovery. Amidst a few interesting additions to manuscripts or the searching through myriads of website layouts, someone a little freer emerges from within. Like a good book one finds and slides from shelf, another creative adventure begins.

3 Replies to “In Between Places”

  1. In between places ~ like 2nd grade recess, or the frosting in your Oreo ~ earned, savored and over too quickly, but the promise of another just coming into view!


  2. In between places. I’m in one of the right now. Cynthia and Lyndsay just dropped me off at home. Jeff is at Julia’s and I just enjoyed an amazing Xmas with Mary Katherine, Nancy, and family. Jeff dropped me off at Burbank to fly to Sacramento. Yesterday spent the day with Donna, Clay, Gavin, Jana, Wil, Adien, Lindsay and Cynthia. Today Lindsay and Cynthia dropped Henry off at camp near my house and we played a bit before they headed back home. All week off this next week–whatever will I do with myself. Hope you’re enjoying Texas. Feeling very blessed for wonderful cousins like you.



  3. How wonderful that family surrounds you during the holidays. We are as blessed to have you in our lives and I marvel at why it took so long to finally get to know one another. I guess timing is everything. You are a kindred spirit and I thoroughly enjoy our times of sharing! I suspect this week will be filled with creative adventures for you.

    I am looking forward to taking a personal inventory in order to prioritize my burgeoning list of artistic projects and passions. Perhaps we can compare personal notes as our week unfold!


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