A Texas Christmas

Big, bold,  and beautiful! Apt words to describe Texas where I celebrated Christmas with Justin’s family. From homes to shopping and eating, this “Lone Star State” is expansive and welcoming!

The past week has been filled with fun activities. We enjoyed fabulous times together eating and visiting. One of the highlights was meeting a new addition to the family, baby Haley.

Andy and baby Haley

 Of course, I missed my children and family so far away. Skyping Elya in Seoul, Korea was a highlight of Christmas Eve. 

Talking to Elya in Seoul, Korea
My little online elf

 Although technology enabled hearing and seeing Elya, my heart grieved to not have her with me in person. Nevertheless, she is having the time of her life and did not sound homesick. Christmas day ended with a call home to family.

Now that Christmas is over, I look forward to a “New Year” filled with dreams come true! I hope that you and yours had a wonderful holiday!


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