A Time for Taking Inventory

As I look towards the New Year and coming decade, the desire to take a personal inventory prevails. My burgeoning artistic projects and passions have become unruly. Like a plant that outgrows pot and climbs up and over the garden wall; runners stretch out in all directions while roots dig deeply firmly into my life’s soil. So much to do and so little time! So during these next few “lazy days” between Christmas and the New Year, I will conduct a personal inventory through reflective writing and project surveying.

My first goal for this inventory will be to gain a realistic idea of each project’s progress. With the first manuscript off to a professional editor, I can focus on finishing a couple of others nearing the completion mark. Guiding questions such as “What do I really want to accomplish in 2010?” serving as markers along the way as I plot these projects into more realistic calendar timeframes. I need to occasionally shift into the more linear side of my brain due to my usual practice of “splatter creativity” pursued. Each morning’s writings take me on creative journeys into different directions and rarely do I desire to organize; therefore, when the nudge hits, I follow.

Creative Splatter

The analogy of cleaning out one’s dresser drawers comes to mind. Last night I unpacked clothes from my Texas vacation and crammed them into drawers already filled with clothes that I no longer wear. A desire to clean out ensued due to the sheer frustration of not being able to fit my new gifts into confined space. I hate to clean out but this will have to be a priority if I am to function productively.

Time for Cleaning out and Organizing!

Once I have present projects paced, I will set up my artist’s loft with a new project I envision. I have a ballerina bust that reminds me of my love of dancing that began as a little girl. I used to take ballet and tap lessons from my neighbor who converted her garage into a dance studio. I have this inkling to decorate this statue to represent the artistic additions to my life since those childhood dance days.

A New Year's Creative Project

Another project overwhelming is the designing of the future creativity blog site I envision accompanying my first book’s release. Finding a suitable design proves difficult along with learning the new skills required for altering templates. All of my previous web design skills fall short of helping me with this different WordPress format. Yet, I will persist because of the desire to see this site host the creativity of not just me but of family and friends who desire to share their gifts with the world.

So as I take this personal creative inventory, I will remember to listen to my heart’s desires and to the gently Shepherd of my soul who leads beside still waters. In my humanness, I will trust in His divinity; the guide who keeps my paths steady and sure.

Learning to Listen in Silence

One Reply to “A Time for Taking Inventory”

  1. Cleaning the drawers reminds me of a little section in Nita Leland’s The New Creative Artist. She says “Your first priority is to take care of yourself.” And later she says, “You can’t develop your creative spirit if..” you’re not doing this. Btw, Mary Katherine has the neatest drawers I’ve ever seen. Stuffed to the gills and completely organized.


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