Day -1 In Search of my Blogging Identity

Day -1

“In Search of my Blogging Identity Quest” finds me exiting the New Year celebration in Las Vegas long enough to run up to the room, visit some blogs, and throw together a quick post—I’m such a diehard! What can I say? My personal commitment to visit at least one new blog everyday and post my findings inspired.

Photo Shoot in Las Vegas with Hubby

I’m kind of scared to start leaving comments on artistic blogs. The best reason I can come up with is that the blogger just might visit mine, and I don’t feel ready for anyone to visit mine yet. Nevertheless, my adventure begins today! I know it’s a day before the New Year but I figured, “Why not?”

Some time later…

 My blog visits revealed some insights. The websites I most enjoyed have larger words and lots of up-close photos! The common theme is “blog about your artistic passions and interests! Today, my artistic interest is photography so here are a few pics before I go out and rejoin the celebration.

Make a creative wish for the New Year!

I tried to explore some different angles and perspectives.

This scene makes me want to fly with Santa!
I enjoyed the fountains at the Paris Hotel
Personal wish, "A year bubbling over with creative adventures!"

Today’s blogging identity finding noted: I absolutely love photography and will work at improving my skills. This art form is a definite inclusion in my blog!

Thumbs up to working hard at something you love!

Blogging exchange also noted: a friend left a comment revealing she is also a blogger, sweet! A former high school friend reacquainted with through facebook also revealed he is a blogger!

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