Day 1 “Blogging Identity Quest” and “Happy New Year!”

My husband and I had a wonderful New Year’s celebration in Las Vegas. As the clocked ticked down marking the end of 2009, a video show streamed overhead with visual memories of the past year while fireworks lit up the sky. I awoke this morning excited about 2010.


In line with my blogging identity quest, I noticed the natural lighting streaming in through our hotel window and created an impromptu photo shoot. This seemed fitting considering the insightful photo tips learned from blogger Jodie Lejeune, (Yesterday’s website exploration). Thanks Jodie!

Music is to be part of my blogging identity!

I also awoke this morning with a new song running through my dream (seems to be an interesting occurrence lately). Yes, music must also be a part of my blogging identity someday but for now, a photo of an interesting mask I bought at the Venetian will do.

Trying on some new identities!

Masks speak to me of identity. Trying them on is playful. Adorning my art room with them reminds me to keep exploring new forms of creativity! This is a mask from my collection that I placed a Photoshop watercolor filter over. Last year’s middle school ballroom dance performance (my daughter and I choreographed) was from the Phantom of the Opera theme.

Today’s blog learning noted: have fun with photography!

5 Replies to “Day 1 “Blogging Identity Quest” and “Happy New Year!””

  1. Hi JoDee!!!
    (I just love the way you spell your name!!!!)
    Let me start by telling you that I have been spending much time visiting here and reading through your recent posts and I’ve SO enjoyed it!!! I didn’t know where to stop and leave a comment so I’ll apologize in advance if this one gets pretty lengthy!!!!
    First, thank you for the sweet link and for choosing me as your “blog exploration for the day”. I’m so glad that you found me in the pages of Artful Blogging and that you took the time to stop and leave me such a sweet comment.
    Secondly…wow…spending the New Year in Las Vegas is a treat!!! And needless to say, it was the perfect place for a photoshoot 😉 I just love your second photo…totally awesome!!!
    Thirdly, I have all the faith in the world that you, an educator, will find your identity in this blog world. Sometimes it just takes a little time. It’s like trying on several pairs of jeans…first deciding which ones suits your attitude and secondly, being true to yourself that you love the size you are! When you’re honest with yourself, it all falls into place and the fit is right. So when you are just not feeling that banner or you can’t find the right words to say…be true to yourself. When you think no one else wants to see it or hear about it…you just might be surprised as we are all here for the same reason…inspiration. To learn and feed our need to be creative. That’s what education is all about right? Learning? Teaching? And no one does it better than you!
    Sooooo, in my helping with your blog identity quest…I propose that you let what’s inside of you flow out…as long as it’s real and it feels good. You will inspire and teach others even when you least expect it, no matter how big or how small…I promise.
    Okay girlie, I’m going to stop here and go read some more of your blog. I’m off to learn. I’m off to be inspired by my new friend 😉
    everything vintage


    1. Thank you for your encouraging and timely comment. I was thoroughly frustrated with trying to navigate my way through correcting an error in a new creativity blog project when I saw that precious “1 Pending” on my Dashboard. Your words were soothing ointment for my troubled soul. I cherished your insights and advice more than you will ever know. This blogging is not for the faint-hearted.

      I remembered your advice when I woke up this morning worried about my daughter’s lack of communication from Southeast Asia, “I propose that you let what’s inside of you flow out…as long as it’s real and it feels good…” She is working in Seoul, Korea teaching English but went to Hong Kong to meet friends for the New Year. It has been over a week since she skyped me and my fears have gone wild.

      A digital art design floated through my mind as I lay praying in bed. The title, “Where are you my little Asian beauty? I could see the multiple layers—some from Las Vegas photos and others from pictures I have on file.

      Your wisdom gave me the courage to put my worry into an art form. Thank you so much and I look forward to continued communication. I have been eager to join this “community of bloggers” and appreciate your warm invitation!

      PS My parents put their names together to form JoDee: John and Dee 🙂


  2. Hi JoDee!
    I just received your comment on my blog and to answer your question…no…I was not informed of your response to my comment left recently. I don’t know how these comments work either as some work different but I do know that I never respond to someone’s comment on my own blog. I’ll go straight to their blog and leave a comment or email them directly, only to make sure that they know I’ve responded. So I’m glad you left me a comment so that I could come back here and read your response…Thank you for your kind words JoDee, it’s amazing how two people unknown to each other can inspire each other so deeply, true? 😉
    everything vintage

    ps…that is so cool about how your name originated…totally cool!

    pss…I do hope you hear from your daughter soon. I can’t imagine the “not knowing”. I’m sure she’s just having the time of her life and she’ll skype you soon, beginning with “Mom, I’m sorry I wasn’t in touch…but I’ve really been having a great time!!!!” 🙂


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