Day 5 “In Search of my Blogging Identity”- Bubbling up and over!


I am cloistering due to a cold; yet, joy and creativity bubble up like a fountain. My daughter finally called from Seoul, Korea.  Her initial delayed flight was not scheduled to leave for a few more days so she had to pay for another one in order to return to work. Apparently, this was one of the worst storms in China’s history. Two days of living in the crowded Beijing airport resulted in her becoming sick (the first five hours in an extremely cold building). Nevertheless, those thirty-six minutes we Skyped were precious. Together we coughed, sneezed, and caught up on what had happened.        

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                                                                                                                                                                 This morning as I write, a recent discussion with my new book editor comes to mind. Dr. Harvey’s words of wisdom have left me contemplating: “Find people who are like-minded in order to share your love of writing with. They are a gift.” Now with online social networking, blog comments and facebook postings often replace postcards and letters.       

"Finding people of like-mind is a gift!"


When she speaks, I often have the desire to turn on my little tape recorder in order to capture every word. I know she gleans her insights from a lifetime of loving and working with words. As I adventure through “Blog Land,” I am finding those of kindred spirit; like-minded writers and artists with whom I can share my passions. This is a gift beyond what I had hoped possible.        


I sent Dr. Harvey a poem written several years ago after moving up a grade level to teach 7th graders. My heart broke over the reality that most hated writing. The writing of this poem was a turning point in my personal decision to become a writer. I thought that perhaps my love of the craft could somehow transmit to youth. I also dreamt that one day some of the students I taught would actually read my books and desire to become writers as well. Now, my greatest challenge is teaching them to read first! Dr. Harvey said she keeps thinking about the poem and so I pass it on to you:        

"Often defining moments change our destiny forever!"

January 5, 2010 Blog exploration took me to  Below is my comment:    

I absolutely love your header. The design is captivating and the colors “pop!” My name is JoDee Luna and I am new to the blogging community. This year’s quest is to find my blogging identity. Your website inspired!    

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