Day 6 “In Search of my Blogging Identity”-Brain Switch


Something magical happened after my morning writing. I became entranced with creating a header for my new creativity blog. The potential of Photoshop CS3 fascinated. I found logic giving way to artistic impulse; much the same way as when floral designing.      

I go into this “creative zone,” which is extremely relaxing. Perhaps it is a switch from the left (linguistic/linear) to the right (creative) side of my brain. Whether or not that is the real reason, this personal observation helped me to understand myself a little better and go with the flow whether writing or artwork.       


The writer part of me seems more serious and contemplative helping me to focus. In contrast, the artist seems frivolous, spontaneous, and adventurous; spending hours designing a header.       


I have stacks of art supplies rarely touched (but cherished just the same) because of artistic calls to my heart while perusing art stores. “One day I will…” kinds of longings… like learning to watercolor. I tried my hand at this art form with dismal results. My daughter, however, sat down and created this on her first try.       

Elya's Watercolor


This “brain switch” between writer and artist is one of the many reasons I love blogging. Whether the blog postings perused are mine or another’s, they keep my writing side challenged and my artistic side free!   

Blogging Identity Adventure:   

I so enjoyed both of this artist’s blogs. She has this main blog featuring her amazing jewelry and vintage items and another highlighting even more of her artistic talents. The digital artwork is eye-catching and very creative. These blogs are to date two of my favorites!!!   

Identity quest learning noted: Explore the feminine side of my creativity more. I so love the dark, rich colors and often forget the qualities of vintage artistry.

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