Day 4: Lessons of the Bamboo

I love the early morning when stillness reigns. A heart so full of happiness temporarily sliced with worry for one’s offspring does not even a robber make. For the early morning is God’s domain. He whispers through dreams filling mind with lofty thoughts of longings coming true. Awakening to write them down is also His gift to me…in the early morning.

The Becoming

I will always be a mother and worry a tad, I fear. Loving one so much that it pains soul will undoubtedly rustle many otherwise tranquil nights. Yet in the longing to know my daughter is safe, I glimpse a tiny sliver of God’s love for me. To want so much for someone you created and yet choose to hold back desire so she can form a life takes tremendous restraint. We must live in order to create and often the living is painful.

Elya's photo with an artistic Photoshop filter

A dear friend left a meaningful comment in response to my previous post and I know Linda’s words are backed by a lifetime of living and believing:

 “Love, love, love the bamboo photo! There are so many lessons I’ve learned from bamboo -about God’s provision, about looking frail but being tough, about the pure beauty of simplicity. Your photo captured so much of it without a word! Thank you. Elya’s in the same hands that formed that beautiful bamboo. Appearing frail, she is strong.”

Elya's charcoal self portrait and beloved bamboo shoot and scarf

After reading this quote, I will never look at bamboo or my daughter in the same way again.

Before Elya’s first overseas trip, she asked me to take care of the only plant she had; a slender sprig of bamboo growing in a narrow vase of water. I still have the sliver of bamboo. Everyday it reminds me of my daughter and to pray for her becoming.

Keeping memories alive

She has since traveled the world leaving me an elegant reminder of my kindred spirit in flight.

Elya loves to paint butterflies!

Linda is right! She is like bamboo, “Appearing frail, she is strong.” This lithe youth had every reason to give up on life after the ravaged circumstances of her childhood. Yet she persisted and grew into a woman of such beauty both inside and out. Her unceasing creativity inspires me to explore new terrains of art and writing.

Before she left for Southeast Asia and Seoul, Korea, she brought her Asian scarf (featured in the picture) to me for safekeeping: “Mom, wear this scarf and think of me!”

We have come so far together, there is no stopping now!

Today’s “In search for my blog identity quest” led me to visit 52 FLEA (; a blog where designer Laura invites you into her enchanting life. The photography is spectacular and her ability to create an ambience filled with serenity, artistry, and camaraderie is magical.

New blog learning noted: what you are passionate about will come out through your postings!

Elya Update: Just found a missed skype call sent at 5:08 am this morning, “yo momma, i’m stuck at the airport in beijing.” Thank God and all of you who prayed. I don’t know why she is stuck but will fill you in as I find out.

One Reply to “Day 4: Lessons of the Bamboo”

  1. I’m humbled – by the quote, of course. But also by the remarkable blessing of our Father. He used a basic part of His creation, bamboo, to weave a golden thread of love and assurance through His tapestry of mother and child, and He let me hold the needle for one of the stitches.


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