Day 9 In Search of my Blogging Identity-“Stepping Out”

“If we step out into the light with all of our insecurities still hidden…
who can penetrate such darkness?”   


These words floated through my mind as I drifted off to sleep. After they awakened me, I wrote them down. This morning, I contemplate their challenge.   

Sculpture displayed at Mandalay Bay


Yesterday I had written a post titled “Awakenings” yet removed it when palms and armpits grew sweaty right before pushing the “publish” icon. Bloggers understand that moment when insecurities tempt retracting honesty. An inner dialogue ensues that dissolves resolve:   

“That sounds sappy. People are going to laugh at you. Who do you think you are writing this piece? You lack the wisdom to know what is fit for public viewing and what is far too personal!   

The Edge


Yes, there is a chilling darkness accompanying insecurities. The atmosphere swirls with fears of criticism, feelings of embarrassment, and compulsions of perfectionism. Stepping out into the light with our insecurities makes us feel vulnerable.   


Yet, is it any wonder when we live in a culture filled with constant criticism? Not only are celebrities, politicians, and clergy publically defrocked before the entire world. Common folk who dare to do something different risk the snickers of acquaintances.   

Stepping Out


We artistic souls are not always ready or willing to have our creations analyzed let alone criticized. Yet somewhere between everyday artistic living and vying for public adoration exits a place for sharing; a chance to present what we made or what we appreciate to others of kindred spirit; perhaps not of our particular art form but those who can acknowledge the daring act of blogging in and of itself—the risk of “Stepping out!”   


Along my online social networking path, something wonderful is happening. Friends are daring to post personal artwork and creative writing on Facebook profiles. I had the privilege of viewing and commenting on many of these postings. If willingness to share my creativity with others inspires them to do the same, then the darkness no longer frightens nearly as much.   


I, for one, am thankful for the authors and artists, musicians and entertainers who have dared to bring their gifts into the light. I shudder to think where I would be today without their inspiration!   

Today’s Blogging Identity Quest: “Scrapbook Pink Journey”   

Blog learning: Explore digital art more using my favorite colors and combining previous scrapbook pages created!   

Comment left:   


My scrapbook search led me to your site. Your banner is very creative. I have only been blogging since September and decided to embark on a quest during 2010 titled “In Search of my Blogging Identity.”   

I am trying to decide how my blog should present my creativity. I enjoy scrapbooking, pink and black, and digital art so your header really caught my eye! I look forward to exploring your site.

3 Replies to “Day 9 In Search of my Blogging Identity-“Stepping Out””

  1. Do you suppose our Creator gave us dawn and dusk to ease us from darkness to light in a continuum that allows rest and refreshment? prepared for awakenings of purpose and creativity? I’m going to focus more on the blessings of darkness and try to leave behind the secrecy and fear. Another journey.


    1. Well written! Your description of dawn and dusk presents a unique perspective. Often my most meaningful moments come during these times of the day. Funny thing, when I feel inspired, little thought is given to self-consciousness. That comes with full-on daylight.


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