Day 10 In Search of my Blogging Identity-“Awakenings”

“Life is like a series of awakenings from birth until death.”     


Contemplation is essential for the human soul and yet modern living does not easily lend to this practice. The temptation to stay continually “connected” leaves little time for reflection. Without reflection, one activity blurs into another.     

My son, Josiah, reminisces childhood adventures at grandparent's home


sudden awareness, recognition, or realization of something     

Renewed attention to something: 
a revival or renewal of interest in something, especially religion     


Contemplation quiets the mind and soul. Often this is when awakenings come to us. We stop and ponder a thought…the meaning of life…and the inevitability of death.     

Taking time to think...


 As I age, the desire for alone time filled only with “quiet” increases. At first, this seemed odd to my usual sanguine personality. Call it hormonal imbalance due to menopause or plain ole “brain drain” due to teaching middle school youth. Whatever the reason, this change seemed mysterious to me.     

My Garden Hideaway


Explaining the need for contemplation to my children seems mysterious to them.     

My daughter, Elya, taking time to walk with her grandparents and me.


Yet, carving out quiet time to reflect and plan has opened up new creative desires and possibilities. The peaceful qualities of nature also offer inspiration in contrast to our modern world’s obsession with being “continually connected to others.”     


Blog identity quest led me to a business with my same name, I rarely see my same spelling. This site sells a special tape, “Sealah No Sew Tape.” I enjoyed the blog link with its vibrant photography.

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