Day 11 In Search of my Blogging Identity “The Vision”

We might see a glimpse through a dream or an epiphany, but often the promises of God form over a lifetime. Moving forward in darkness of sight…one step at time… is the usual.


I do not know what my future holds, but I do know I have never been happier than since I started writing regularly. The craft suites like a cold hand finding a warm, soft glove. I am designed to create. This I can do… when the vision fades… once again.

Is creating always easy? No! Often learning new skills for enhancing artistry is difficult and discouraging. Yet always well worth the effort. The technology needed for blogging may at first overwhelm but the wonder of self-expression is rewarding. And in the meantime, maybe I will pause long enough to see eternity’s veil open just a sliver…before the vision fades…once again.  

Blogging Quest:

“Artistic Creations”

This artist’s creativity is amazing. The world is definitely a more interesting place because of her artistry.

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